Chris Grant

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Last FM can not distinguish between 2 artists with the same name at present
Last FM are trying to eliminate this problem
Until the problem is resolved Chris Grant UK is the UK artist Chris Grant
So the above link wil now go to Last FM & Chris Grant UK
To support Chris Grant & to increase his Last FM radio air play it is necessary to log on to Last FM & then Tag the artiist Chris Grant UK

Go on the Studyvox FM website
Go to Requests tab (across the top of the screen)
Select Artists button with the name C (lower down the screen)
Go down artist list find Chris Grant
Find the song title you would like to be played
Select the Request button at the end of the song title
A request confirmed pop up screen appears on the screen
Close this screen
The song will be played in the order of the requests made
The more the song is selected the higher it will go in the to the StudyVox FM chart
To hear the songs playing & the song chosen select the Launch Radio Player (at the top right of the sreen)
The intrenet radio player pop up window will appear on the screen
Then wait for the song to play

Note - StudyVox FM will not allow tracks by he same artist to be played one after another so request the same track or another track by the same name artist later


StudyVox FM an Internet Site for Unsigned Artists. Find the Artist Name by selecting the Alphabetical Letter for the srtist. Then select the Song. Finally select the Request button. The song is put in the Playlist in order of request. The more the song is requested the higher it will go in the StudyVox FM Charts

Open Mic & Gig-Band Support a site offering organsaton of or musician / vocalist suport to open mics, gigs & bands

Live Music UK a networking site for live music venues, musicians & singers

Bemuso a very useful & friendly site for music industry guidance & advice

Project Management a useful site for individuals & companies looking for project management & project engineering

Recruitment Master a useful site for individuals or groups looking for help based on real life experience on recruitment, interviews & setting up own business

Budgies At Home a useful site for individuals & companies looking for new products, new ideas & information on budgies